As it is Written

Artist / Author: Gordon Nehemia

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By Nehemiah Gordon
Karaite Judaism is the oldest form of Judaism in the world. Today most Jews live by the teachings of the Talmud written by the Rabbis 1500 years ago. In contract, Karaite Jews still adhere to the Hebrew Scriptures (Tanakh) revealed by the Almighty to the prophets of ancient Israel. Karaites believe that our walk with God must be based on the Hebrew Scriptures, not on man-made religious doctrines and sanctified traditions. The Hebrew Scriptures contain a rich heritage of divine instruction, history, prophecy, wisdom, and poetry which enrich our spiritual lives. The reader is invited to explore Karaite Judaism and the Karaite understanding of Scripture with some of the world's foremost Karaite scholars. This book answers common questions about Karaite Judaism such as: What do Karaites believe? When was Karaite Judaism founded? Do the Hebrew Scriptures support the idea of an "Oral" Law? Do Karaites take the Bible "literally"? Why don't Karaites light Sabbath Candles? How does the Biblical calendar work?
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