Artificial Intelligence Versus God

Artist / Author: Perry Stone

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I never thought I’d live to see it. Far-fetched predictions are now reality. Humanity will merge with advanced technology, bringing life into a sci-fi realm. According to many informed experts, scientific advancements in Artificial Intelligence have the potential to eventually initiate the gradual overthrow of humanity as we know it. Are you prepared for the coming changes?
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In Noah’s day, few people paid attention to an older man constructing a wooden Ark during the 100-year building process until thunder, lightning, and rain exploded on the earth. In Sodom, by the time fiery brimstone hit homes, it was too late to escape the destruction. Most Americans, including uninformed Christians, seldom pay attention to what is coming, especially if it does not impact them. The fact is that the advancement of Artificial Intelligence will affect every person of every age. Tech experts warn us that this could become the most dangerous man-made system of change in world history – and most people do not perceive it. Perry’s new book, Artificial Intelligence Versus God, will explain this system, the dangers, and where things are headed prophetically!
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