Ancient Hebrew letter cards

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Ancient Hebrew Letter Cards: Word Significance
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These wonderful teaching cards will amaze your students as you teach the finer points of the Ancient Hebrew language. Use them to create words, exploring their pictorial values, and highlight the ancient Hebrew meaning of each letter in the process. Each card is designed to assist with learning, teaching and exploring the majesty in the language of YHVH!

Each set contains the 22 letters of the Ancient Hebrew Aleph Beyt, with extra letters for those used more frequently and a special “key” card with all letters on one card.

Many wonder how to validate that the Hebrew Letters have their origins in pictographs. The answer is within the letter itself! For example, the first letter, Aleph, is identified as an Ox. How do we know this? The letter Aleph is spelled, Alepf, Lamed, Pey, and is also the word for “Ox” in the Ancient Hebrew! See all 22 letters and their pictographic roots as depicted on these teaching cards.
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