Americas Apocalyptic Reset

Artist / Author: Stone Perry

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Perry’s latest prophetic book released in 2021 is available! Perry unmasks the radical’s blueprints to silence Christians, Patriots, and Conservatives and asks, “Has America arrived at her assignment as a Judeo-Christian-based Empire?”
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This book is being called the most important prophetic document in print in recent years! Several chapters are so “content-sensitive” that the material will not be placed on social media or on television. Topics included in this book:

  •  Plans for a Global Reset
  •  Christians Facing the Courts of Babylon
  •  The Coming Persecution Against Christianity in America
  •  Should Christians Resist or Submit to a Corrupt Government?
  •  The Balaam Plot and America’s Self-Cure
  •  Necessary Resistance: Elijah and Jezebel – The Coming Clash
  •  Going Underground: The Secret Strategies of Oppressed People
  •  The Woman Who Would be President
  •  The Rise of the  Trump Stump
  •  How Can the Prophets Get it Wrong?
  •  Silicon Valley: The Land of Sand
  •  What the Deep State Did to My Friend
  •  America: Where Ancient Empires Meet
  •  Has America Entered Her Fullness of Time?

Unmasking the Radical’s Blueprints to silence Christians, Patriots, and Conservatives – America’s Apocalyptic Reset.

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