Adventures in Dreaming

Artist / Author: Perry Justin

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Adventures in Dreaming
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By Justin Perry
Review Quotes:
The dream life is as real as our waking hours. Dreams were vital in biblical times and they still are today.
Justin Perry"
Publisher Marketing:
Would you like to know how to identify when a dream is from God?
Some dreams convey images, words, and emotions to us in order to deliver amessage. They are like a message in a bottle from heaven. Other dreams are full-blown spiritual experiences. They do not merely contain a message, theyaccomplish something in the spiritual realm. This book will help you tounderstand and experience both of these kinds of dreams. It is written not tomerely dispense information, but to impart revelation and help to activate yourdream life. God intends for your dream life to be a vital part of your existence.
You are called to experience and enjoy adventures in dreaming.Do you long for powerful God-encounters and angelic visitations in your dreams?Have you ever had a dream that was so vivid it seemed real? Have you consideredthat it may have been real?Would you like to understand the wild and sometimes confusing imagery andlanguage in your dreams?Have you ever dreamed of fighting or engaging in a battle? Have you consideredthat these dreams may have been intercession or spiritual warfare?Have you ever wondered the purpose of dreams about your parents, grandparents, or relatives from another generation?Would you like to know what recurring dreams are and why you have them?Have you ever felt the lingering aftereffects of a nightmare or encouraging dreamfor hours or days? Could this have been because something was imparted to you inthe dream?
If you answer Yes to any of these questions, "Adventures in Dreaming" will be apowerful resource for you."
Biographical Note:
Justin Perry is the Lead Pastor of MorningStar Fellowship Church in Fort Mill, SC.After a dramatic salvation experience in 2000, Justin almost immediately began toexperience and walk in supernatural ministry. Since that time he has beeninvolved in equipping the body of Christ in healing, evangelism, and propheticministry. Justin has a vision for the church to know the Scriptures and the powerof God. Whether training in the gifts of the Spirit or teaching Systematic Theology, he makes daunting and complicated issues inviting and accessible. He and hiswife, LeeAnna, have two sons and live in Charlotte, NC."
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