According to the heavenly pattern

Artist / Author: Lopez Jeremy

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According to the heavenly pattern
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By Jeremy Lopez
The seer's mind is like a paintbrush. The seer needs to stir up the colors of their imagination and allow themselves to be a conduit of the message of God. God will use the universe to bring forth his message, and it in very colorful. A seer's imagination will be able to pull images of God's imagery from heaven that we have never seen before. A seer will stand in awe as they begin to project these images and visualizations that come from God. A seer has always had, and will always have these abilities, because the gifts and calling of God are without repentance (Romans 11:29). God has made us co-creators with him, vice-presidents, so to speak! We labor together and we make decisions together with God. God makes the final decisions, because he knows all things, he sees the end from the beginning. He works in all.
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