A Beginner’s Guide To Christian Meditation: Journeying into the heart of the Divine

Artist / Author: Taylor Remington 

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Are you seeking a Christian approach to meditation but don’t know where to start?Are you looking for ways to increase the awareness of the Spirit in your Be-ing?A Beginner's Guide to Christian Meditation takes the reader on a journey, and explores various techniques and spiritual exercises centered around the Christian tradition.
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Containing both guided practices and scriptural foundations, this book provides understanding for the methodological processes involved with meditational practice. Such processes and practices are life-changing for both the beginner and the advanced practicioner. Take a transformative dive into the heart of the Divine and explore the life of the Spirit that lies deep within.What to expect: An explanation of meditation and its role within the Christian spiritual life. A brief historical overview of ancient Jewish and Christian meditational practices. Guided practices and meditations that will enhance and activate your spiritual journey and communion with the Divine.

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