900 Prayers That Break Curses and Spell: : Pray Your Way

Artist / Author: Coker Dr Olusola

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900 Prayers That Break Curses and Spell: : Pray Your Way
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By Ogidan Oluwatosin, Dr O Coker Joyce Meyer(Foreword by)
900 Prayers That Break Curses and Spell: : Pray Your Way to Supernatural Breakthrough, Blessings and Success: 7 Days Devotions That Break Causes
A lot of people today are suffering from various spiritual attacks or the other. They have prayed and fasted many times but no solution to their problems. However, this is due to the effect of curses and spells. When any one is cursed, the only remedy is to break the curse. Curses are contracts or requests to evil power for injury or evil to befall someone or something, they can be spoken words, incantations, or prayers that invoke evil spirits to do their evil work. A curse is also a ban or censure over a person, place or thing. A curse cannot come upon a child of God who is resting on the Word of God and who walks in the righteousness of Christ. You have the power and authority through the Blood and name of Jesus to cancel any curse or spell that has been sent against you. Because of Calvary, the power of Satan has been broken. All demons have already been conquered in Christ. Liberation is not a result of how much one may struggle, pray or resist, but it is because of Christ Jesus alone. If you have never trusted Jesus as your personal Savior and want to receive eternal life, you may come to Him now. It is through His name that you can be delivered from the power of darkness and have all curses broken. The 900 prayers in this book are designed to break curses and spell in your life. There are also devotional prayers that will manifest your breakthrough, success, blessings, prosperity, financial and business breakthroughs.
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