500 Prayers Against the Spirit of Bondage

Artist / Author: Coker Dr Olusola

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500 Prayers Against the Spirit of Bondage
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by Dr Olusola Coker
What is spiritual bondage? Giving Satan control and living under that control. Or the result of giving the devil a place to exercise power over us. A Christian can definitely be trapped in spiritual bondage. Here I should point out that the devil cannot override our free will. When a demon has control, they've been given control. Believing lies (which is agreeing with Satan, the liar) gives him power over us, choosing to sin gives him power over us, giving in to fear gives him power over us. Depending on which church you attend, you may or may not hear a lot of "spiritual bondage talk. This book will enlighten you on various bondages most Christian put themselves into and how they can come out of them fast

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