50,000 Degrees and Cloudy: A Better Resurrection

Artist / Author: Hollisa Alewine

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Rapture or Resurrection? Many believe in an end-time event called The Rapture. Since most believers also expect a time of worldwide catastrophe called The Tribulation, the timing of The Rapture is often intertwined with that event in both theological books and Christian fiction. Since the rapture can be controversial, this book offers an alternate method of viewing the event called The Rapture
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The Rapture is based on some proof texts of New Testament, yet there is an older Scriptural basis for the expectation of a similar event, the resurrection of the dead. The understanding of the resurrection is based in the TANAKH, or the Older Testament. This view has been handed down faithfully to hundreds of generations of Jews, both those who believe in the Messiahship of Yeshua (Jesus), and those who do not. This would have been the common "ingathering" language and expectation of the Jewish populace in the First Century, including the apostles who penned those proof texts. Yeshua and the early apostles were Jewish, so it is logical to examine their expectation of end times. This is the due diligence of any Bible study. The book contains two sections, the first addressing the Older Testament Scriptural clues to death and resurrection, and the second section addresses the more immediate question, "What happens when we die?" By correlating Jewish interpretations of certain passages of Scripture with the Scriptures themselves, any person of faith can find hope and comfort in the Biblical prophecies of resurrection.

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