365 Prophetic Revelations from the Hebrew Calendar

Artist / Author: Candice Smithyman

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Experience Untapped Dimensions of Blessing, Fullness, and Encounter! Is it possible modern believers are missing out on the fullness of Heaven by neglecting God's prophetic calendar? Is there something the saints of old knew that we don’t?
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With nearly two decades spent studying the dates recognized in the Hebrew and Christian calendars, internationally respected minister and teacher Dr. Candice Smithyman has found that, yes, we are indeed missing out. Here she offers powerful, grace-filled instruction on how to align your life with Heaven’s prophetic timeline and unlock greater dimensions of His revelation, blessing, and supernatural insight. By accessing all Jewish major and minor holidays, Shabbats, new moon celebrations, and minor fasts, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the prophetic importance of the coming 2,000 years: God’s next age. With warm encouragement and practical application for each day’s connection to God’s prophetic calendar, you’ll be empowered to: See the ancient plans and purposes of God being carried out right before your very eyes. Decode the 12 Hebrew months, plus the 13th month, and their alignment with the 12 tribes of Israel and constellations. Discern prophecy correctly, recognize the movement of the Spirit, and partner with Heaven’s activity on Earth. Set yourself up for life-changing God-encounters. Understand unique times and seasons of supernatural visitation. Sow and invest finances in times of unique abundance and blessing. Don’t fall for the lie that the Jewish and Christian calendars are outdated or legalistic rituals. Come and meet with God on His appointed days and experience the completeness of His presence and blessings.

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