31 Battle Cry Declarations: Powerful Prayers and Decrees That Release Supernatural Breakthrough

Artist / Author: Troy Brewer

R 570.00
Your Spiritual Arsenal Awaits Within. Are You Ready to Claim It? When battles rage against the forces of darkness, you need more than mere faith—you need weapons. Weapons forged in holy fire, to pierce the heart of darkness and dispel the oppressive forces that seek to stifle your soul.
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Troy Brewer, renowned pastor, minister, and prophet, hands you the very tools of the trade. With 31 potent and practical declarations, he equips you to not just stand your ground, but reclaim it. Every word, every decree, rooted deeply in the victory of the cross, serves as both shield and sword against the onslaught of demonic assignments. Dive deep into revelations that: Annihilate demonic curses that hinder your progress. Activate prophetic dreams, visions, and encounters. Liberate you from demonic onslaughts, oppression, and silent torments. Infuse your very essence with divine healing. Propel transformation into the heart of family, government, and nation. And more. Troy’s challenge to you is clear: Don’t just witness the power of the cross. Wield it. Become a conqueror, reverse the tide from loss to victory, and emerge not just a believer, but a spiritual conqueror.

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