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The Forgotten Feast and the covenant of Grace
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The Forgotten Feast and the covenant of Grace

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Temple Dance CD
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Temple Dance CD

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Mel Gel Study Guide
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Mel Gel Study Guide

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Magnificent Obsession CD

Magnificent Obsession CD

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Letters of Light: a Mystical Journey throug hebrew Alphabet
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Letters of Light: a Mystical Journey throug hebrew Alphabet

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The Order of Melchizedek
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The Order of Melchizedek

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By Kari Jobe
Grammy-nominee Kari Jobe is one of Christian musics best-selling female artists and one of the most respected worship leaders in the country. Her last album, Majestic, captured a powerful night of worship in   . . .
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By Jason Upton
It's not good music that breaks the yoke; it is the anointing of Jesus that breaks the yoke and sets us free. All through the Bible God used people who didn't have a   . . .
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Jacob struggled most of his life to gain worth, ownership and recognition. He stole, he lied, and he wrestled all in a strife-filled attempt to be somebody. He never realized that in striving to be   . . .
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"On the Rim of the Visible World", is a musical documentation of songs, friendship and following Jesus. What could be a better environment for such an endeavor than the living room of Jason's house? Three   . . .
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By Misty Edwards
Only a Shadow captures Misty Edwards and team in a raw, fervently energetic, live prophetic worship concert. Recorded amongst a sea of Onething conference goers, the album features primarily new songs with a   . . .
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Product Description
Your Love Never Fails is the third release from the Jesus Culture Band. This CD/DVD was recorded the February 2008 Jesus Culture Encounter conference, and is considered by the youth worship community as a   . . .
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By Kari Jobe
Grammy nominated Kari Jobe is the premiere female worship leader in Christian music. Coming off her last live album, Majestic, which featured the worship anthem Forever and radio hit I Am Not Alone,   . . .
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By Bethel
Bethel Church's 2011 release finds the worship team and community in a renovated rustic loft, performing ten of the group's powerful worship originals in an intimate, acoustic setting. The Loft Sessions features the best   . . .
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By House of Peace
Title Media Type Artist/Author Time
1. Passover Lamb House Of Peace 3:41 $1.29
2. Break The Bread (Communion Song) House Of Peace 4:09
3. King Of The Universe House Of Peace 3:59
4. New Life House Of Peace 5:44
5. King Of Israel House Of Peace 3:44
6. Let Us Be One House   . . .
R 245.00   inc VAT Code: 700615372638
By Bethel
On a mountaintop north of Redding, CA, the Bethel Music community gathered for an unforgettable evening of worship. The resulting live album and film portrays breathtaking visuals and resounds with hope. We Will Not   . . .
R 200.00   inc VAT Code: 705586844900
By Bethel
On a mountaintop north of Redding, California, the Bethel Music community gathered for an unforgettable evening of worship. The resulting live album and film portrays breath-taking visuals and resounds with hope. We Will Not   . . .
R 190.00   inc VAT Code: 707470578649
By Bethel
HAVE IT ALL features 14 new songs centered upon God's nature. His promises and His presence in our lives. Featuring 13 worship leaders from the Bethel Music Collective including Brian & Jenn Johnson, Jeremy   . . .
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By Brian & Jen Johnson
After All These YearsSongs
1 Mention of Your Name 5:27
2 Only Jesus 4:54
3 Gravity 5:16
4 I Wont Forget 5:06
5 Mercy and Majesty 4:25
6 Here I Bow   . . .
R 180.00   inc VAT Code: 714929845412
By Bethel
Play Title Media Type Artist/Author
1. Star-Light Bethel Music
2. There's-no-Other-Name Bethel Music
3. Ex-trav-a-gant Bethel Music
4. Breathe (Spontaneous) Bethel Music
5. Take-Courage Bethel Music
6. King-of-My-Heart Bethel Music
7. Go-I-Look-to-You Bethel Music
8. The-War-is-Over Bethel Music
9. I-See-the-Light (Spontaneous) Bethel Music
10. Catch-the-Wind Bethel Music
11. Old-for-New Bethel Music
12. For-the-One Bethel Music
13. You-Came (Lazarus) Bethel Music
14. Ex-trav-a-gant (Acoustic) Bethel Music
Bethel   . . .
R 230.00   inc VAT Code: 733792842120
by Jonathan & Melissa Helser
Three days after Jesus was crucified, the disciples were locked in a room hiding in fear. They thought their story was coming to end, but really it was just about to   . . .
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R 100.00   inc VAT Code: 735885050627
By Isaac Meyer vol 1
This release is an instrumental that is relaxing to listen at any time of the day but also great for that time alone with God to reflect and meditate on Him.
1.   . . .
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Product Description
Kingsway and Jesus Culture music present Here On Earth, a hopeful collection of intimate worship originals from husband and wife duo Bryan and Katie Torwalt. Their debut release includes songs of thankfulness and praise   . . .
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By Kristene DiMarco
Featured worship leader at the popular Jesus Culture conferences, Kristene DiMarco (ne Mueller) offers this twelve song set of original works, entitled Safe Place. Kristene's style ranges from sunny folk-pop to   . . .
R 150.00   inc VAT Code: 793573095077
Product Description
A fresh worship experience from four up-and-coming voices whose heart's desire is that you'll encounter God and his love! Ten songs feature Derek Johnson, Mary Kat Ehrenzeller, Nate Ward, and Justin Jarvis on "Be   . . .