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Tap the Anointed Principles: The Journey to Unlock Spiritual
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Tap the Anointed Principles: The Journey to Unlock Spiritual

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Seeing in the Supernatural
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Seeing in the Supernatural

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The business of Honor: Restoring the heart of business
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The business of Honor: Restoring the heart of business

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By Kari Jobe
Grammy-nominee Kari Jobe is one of Christian musics best-selling female artists and one of the most respected worship leaders in the country. Her last album, Majestic, captured a powerful night of worship in   . . .
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Jacob struggled most of his life to gain worth, ownership and recognition. He stole, he lied, and he wrestled all in a strife-filled attempt to be somebody. He never realized that in striving to be   . . .
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"On the Rim of the Visible World", is a musical documentation of songs, friendship and following Jesus. What could be a better environment for such an endeavor than the living room of Jason's house? Three   . . .
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By Bethel
Bethel Church's 2011 release finds the worship team and community in a renovated rustic loft, performing ten of the group's powerful worship originals in an intimate, acoustic setting. The Loft Sessions features the best   . . .
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By House of Peace
Title Media Type Artist/Author Time
1. Passover Lamb House Of Peace 3:41 $1.29
2. Break The Bread (Communion Song) House Of Peace 4:09
3. King Of The Universe House Of Peace 3:59
4. New Life House Of Peace 5:44
5. King Of Israel House Of Peace 3:44
6. Let Us Be One House   . . .
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By Brian & Jen Johnson
After All These YearsSongs
1 Mention of Your Name 5:27
2 Only Jesus 4:54
3 Gravity 5:16
4 I Wont Forget 5:06
5 Mercy and Majesty 4:25
6 Here I Bow   . . .
R 180.00   inc VAT Code: 714929845412
By Bethel
Play Title Media Type Artist/Author
1. Star-Light Bethel Music
2. There's-no-Other-Name Bethel Music
3. Ex-trav-a-gant Bethel Music
4. Breathe (Spontaneous) Bethel Music
5. Take-Courage Bethel Music
6. King-of-My-Heart Bethel Music
7. Go-I-Look-to-You Bethel Music
8. The-War-is-Over Bethel Music
9. I-See-the-Light (Spontaneous) Bethel Music
10. Catch-the-Wind Bethel Music
11. Old-for-New Bethel Music
12. For-the-One Bethel Music
13. You-Came (Lazarus) Bethel Music
14. Ex-trav-a-gant (Acoustic) Bethel Music
Bethel   . . .
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by Jonathan & Melissa Helser
Three days after Jesus was crucified, the disciples were locked in a room hiding in fear. They thought their story was coming to end, but really it was just about to   . . .
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By Isaac Meyer vol 1
This release is an instrumental that is relaxing to listen at any time of the day but also great for that time alone with God to reflect and meditate on Him.
1.   . . .
R 230.00   inc VAT Code: 796873056779
by Jonathan & Melissa Helser
Thirty years ago my mother, diagnosed with cancer, was given a word from a prophet: "You will have a son, and his name will be Jonathan David. He will know me,   . . .
R 240.00   inc VAT Code: 798576388126
"Christians often pray for an open heaven. In connection with our ministry earlier this year in the US and in Holland, Jason sensed the Lord saying that the prayer thats needed today isnt open up   . . .
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By Bethel Music
The Bethel Music community has joined together to create their first studio album, TIDES. Written during a season of change and transition, TIDES tells a story of moving forward and overcoming the unknown   . . .
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By Misty Edwards
Point of Life features songs by Misty Edwards, along with a few favorites written by her friends. On this reflective album, Misty unleashes a creative edge and an experimental sound, inspired by her   . . .
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The Awakening [LIVE] by Jonathan & Melissa Helser
In just one word from God's lips, an entire universe can lay hidden, just like a harvest can hide within a seed. But unless that seed falls to   . . .
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TITLE ARTIST - Julius Magan
"1. Wonderful Saviour
2. Little Boy From The Carpenter's Shop
3. You Are My Hero
4. Presence
5. Deep Cries Out
6. In Your House
7. Simple Song
8. Breathe On Me
9. Lord Of All
10. Come, Lord Jesus, Come"
R 230.00   inc VAT Code: 884501506168
by Jonathan & Melissa Helser
In the fall of 2007 Melissa and I went into the studio with the plan of tracking a new worship album, but the Lord hijacked our plans with his dream.   . . .
R 140.00   inc VAT Code: 884501633161
By Brock Human
Creativity and worship collide in a fresh and original album by Brock Human. Music ranges from electronic-fused-pop to broke down piano moments, all the while mixing seamlessly with Brocks poignant lyrics.
Most physical orders   . . .
R 140.00   inc VAT Code: 884501731799
Song Title Time
1. Even Now (feat. Will Reagan)   . . .
R 260.00   inc VAT Code: 884501867955
Endless Ocean, Bottomless Sea [Double Disc] Jonathan David & Melissa Helser
music and experience the One whose love truly is an endless ocean and a bottomless sea.
As musicians we love writing songs, but as worshipers our   . . .