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The Spiritual Warrior's Guide to Defeating Water Spirits
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The Spiritual Warrior's Guide to Defeating Water Spirits

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Prayers for Victory in Spiritual Warfare (imitation leather)
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Prayers for Victory in Spiritual Warfare (imitation leather)

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Glory Warfare: How the Presence of God Empowers You
Code: 9780768443257

Glory Warfare: How the Presence of God Empowers You

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Popular in Heaven, Famous in Hell: Find Out What Pleases God
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Popular in Heaven, Famous in Hell: Find Out What Pleases God

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The Midnight Cry: Prophetic Perceptions for 2018-2020
Code: 9781981460564

The Midnight Cry: Prophetic Perceptions for 2018-2020

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Jeff Jansen / Music by Steve Swanson
This new CD was designed to bring you into a renewed place of faith by saturating and soaking you with the healing Word of power. The bible says that   . . .
R 221.93   inc VAT Code: 676868214028
By Ruth Fazal
Product Description
A violin CD with readings from the Psalms.
This CD was created as a gift, to bring healing to the hearts of Holocaust survivors. Soak in Gods presence and let him bring healing   . . .
R 232.02   inc VAT Code: 676868222702
By Ruth Fazal
It is contemplative. It is very restful. Yet its much more. Thats why I cannot truly explain it. I can say with confidence, its where you end up, if you have been to   . . .
R 181.58   inc VAT Code: 689076435383
by Alberto Rivera & Friends
This album features a collection of instrumental songs that have been recorded during personal times before God, as well as during live worship at Grace Center in Franklin, TN
The word "pneuma"   . . .
R 242.11   inc VAT Code: 695268003346
By Joann McFatter
Recorded spontaneously, Temple Dance captures the intensity and intimacy of intuitive expression before the Throne. Described as breathtaking, refreshing spiritual music, Temple Dance takes worship out of the box with Middle Eastern instrumentation,   . . .
R 232.02   inc VAT Code: 733792302624
By Julie Meyer
Julie Meyer's release "God Is Alive" is a great reflection of what is being released directly out of the International House of Prayer in KC! This beautiful mix of fresh recordings will both   . . .
R 181.58   inc VAT Code: 788200282494
Connie Wetzell
Faith, Trust & Rest. The Healing Word of God. Connie Wetzell. Audio Scripture and music to soothe the soul. When your dealing with feelings of worry, doubt, and fear. The Healing Word of God   . . .
R 181.58   inc VAT Code: 798576693527
By Jason Upton
Sunday Morning: Live in Winston Salem is the newest ministry resource released by Jason Upton and Key of David Ministries. This live ministry recording was captured at a Sunday morning worship service in   . . .
R 232.02   inc VAT Code: 821827004329
By Julie Meyer
About This Album
Julie Meyer is a longtime and beloved worship leader/songwriter at the International House of Prayer of Kansas City. Longing for the Day is a driving yet intimate collection of songs flow   . . .
R 232.02   inc VAT Code: 821827006422
By Julie Meyer
Julie Meyers artistic worship and musical creativity are evident in her third album entitled Paint Your Picture. With a desire to be wholly Gods, Julie sings of her loving relationship with the Father.   . . .
R 242.11   inc VAT Code: 880547496333
By Larry Bean
This instrumental CD will be one of the most unique and inspirational you have ever heard! Throughout the scriptures, the harp was a significant stringed instrument that brought mental relief, refreshing, and joy   . . .
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John Paul Jackson
R 170.48   inc VAT Code: 8809112240319
By Steve Swanson, JoAnn McFatter and Andre Ashby
R 161.40   inc VAT Code: CDGCOOKETKIOG
By Graham Cooke
This is one of the most profound, deeply personal and powerful soaking CDs you will ever embrace. It is a comprehensive package of all the most amazing truths that God would want you   . . .
R 242.11   inc VAT Code: CDJMCFATTERITB
By Joann McFatter
JoAnn McFatters music has become known around the world. Her probing lyrics set against her piano ballad sound have moved many, both at conferences and through her recordings. While that familiar sound still   . . .
R 181.58   inc VAT Code: CDKARDN
By Kimberley & Alberto Rivera
This CD is keyboard and vocal collection of spontaneous songs. It was the result of an intimate gathering with dear friends at our home for a night of "soaking" in the   . . .
R 221.93   inc VAT Code: CDPSTONEPHP
By Larry Bean from Perry Stone ministries
Pursuing His Presence Piano Music CD by Larry Bean is an anointed recording of music to use in your prayer and worship time.
Take Me In
Come Closer
Living Water
Pursuing His Presence
King   . . .
R 191.67   inc VAT Code: CDSWAN001
Steve Swanson
This live CD was captured at the "Let it Rain" conference in Tucson AZ in August of 2006. What you will hear is a sound of revival being released from heaven into the earth.   . . .
R 191.67   inc VAT Code: CDSWAN0021
By Steve Swanson
Brand New Live Worship CD! We are excited to announce our newest CD "Come On Up". This long awaited CD features many of Steve's favorite new songs like: Closer Than My Skin,   . . .
R 191.67   inc VAT Code: CDSWAN004
By Steve Swanson
After many requests for a piano CD...finally it is here!!! This one hour soaking session will refresh your spirit, soothe your soul and restore your body. Hydrate yourself in the waves of peace   . . .