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The Forgotten Feast and the covenant of Grace
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The Forgotten Feast and the covenant of Grace

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Temple Dance CD
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Temple Dance CD

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Mel Gel Study Guide
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Mel Gel Study Guide

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Magnificent Obsession CD

Magnificent Obsession CD

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Letters of Light: a Mystical Journey throug hebrew Alphabet
Code: 9781881400745

Letters of Light: a Mystical Journey throug hebrew Alphabet

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The Order of Melchizedek
Code: 9781911251088

The Order of Melchizedek

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By Julie True
Spirit to Spirit, was recorded live during one of our recent weekly gatherings at Grace Center and Brentwood Baptist Church here in Middle Tennessee. As you listen to Spirit to Spirit, let yourself   . . .
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Jeff Jansen / Music by Steve Swanson
This new CD was designed to bring you into a renewed place of faith by saturating and soaking you with the healing Word of power. The bible says that   . . .
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By Joann McFatter and Keith and Sanna Luker
This highly anticipated follow up to the wildly popular Cloud By Day CD delivers a powerful and intimate live prophetic worship experience that will thrill your spirit and   . . .
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Live soaking worship from Lakeland Florida
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by JoAnn McFatter
Raging Beauty, is on the new Forerunner Music label and contains all new music written by Joann. There is a short commentary about each song with the lyrics.
From the liner notes: Thank you   . . .
R 230.00   inc VAT Code: 664992671275
By Julie True
Julie masterfully weaves together deep, intimate moments of waiting and expectation with powerful worship anthems and spontaneous songs on her newest release, Stir up the Love. True to form of her most popular   . . .
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By Jason Upton
Track Listings
1. One Reason
2. I Will Wait
3. Faith
4. Just Like You
5. Freedom Reigns
6. Come Up Here
7. Gideon - Valley Victory
8. Freedom
9. Glory Came Down
10. 40
11. Not Ashamed
12. Poverty
13. No Sacrifice
R 220.00   inc VAT Code: 670541801963
Open Up The Gates
Sacred Mountain
His Heart Beats For You
My Soul Longs
I Bow My Heart
Pure Song
R 230.00   inc VAT Code: 676868110023
By Ruth Fazal
Volume 1 Full of celebration, and majestic worship around the throne of God.
In The Whirlwind Of Your Love
More Majestic
I'll Celebrate
O The Lord Is Good
Who Is This?
My Lord My God
There Is A Sea   . . .
R 230.00   inc VAT Code: 676868110122
By Ruth Fazal
Volume 2 Quiet and reflective in mood, drawing the listener into a deep place with God.
When I Look Into Your Face
Come To Me
Fresh Oil
I Will Gaze
Such Love As This
Too Much Light!
I Am A   . . .
R 230.00   inc VAT Code: 676868110221
By Ruth Fazal
Unique compilations of songs, poetry, teaching and prayer with Ruth Fazal and guest speakers Graham Cooke (UK) and Gary Wiens (US).
Volume I 'Fresh Oil' focuses on the theme of Mary breaking open the   . . .
R 220.00   inc VAT Code: 676868110320
By Ruth Fazal
Unique compilations of songs, poetry, teaching and prayer with Ruth Fazal and guest speakers Graham Cooke (UK) and Gary Wiens (US).
Volume 2 'Whirlwind Romance' is a more exuberant album, reflecting the call of   . . .
R 220.00   inc VAT Code: 676868110429
By Ruth Fazal
Prayer "Into The Wilderness" "Into The Wilderness" more Sabachthani "Lamentation" "Lamentation" more "Restoration to Fervency" "Restoration to Fervency" more Prayer
Unique compilations of songs, poetry, teaching and prayer with Ruth Fazal and guest speakers   . . .
R 180.00   inc VAT Code: 676868110528
By Ruth Fazal and Gary Wiens
THE SEVEN LAST WORDS OF CHRIST is a ground breaking album, encompassing so many aspects of what Ruth does, in the context of a fully orchestrated work, for spoken voice,   . . .
R 220.00   inc VAT Code: 676868110726
By Ruth Fazal
"In recent years the Lord has drawn me to the Cross, revealing His passionate love toward me, and a new understanding of what it is to enter into the sufferings of Jesus. The   . . .
R 220.00   inc VAT Code: 676868110825
By Ruth Fazal
The cry for the presence of Jesus in our lives is a cry that continues to grow as we feel His touch, and see how beautiful He is. There is none like Him.   . . .
R 230.00   inc VAT Code: 676868111020
By Ruth Fazal
Volume 4: "For such a Time As This"
The "Songs from the River" series have proved to be extremely popular, and are very suitable for soaking in the Lords presence. For violin solo with   . . .
R 220.00   inc VAT Code: 676868165825
By Ruth Fazal
When the words of scripture become deeply embedded into our memories, they provide a rich basis for meditation and revelation from God. There are several complete psalms amongst the songs on this recording,   . . .
R 230.00   inc VAT Code: 676868165924
By Ruth Fazal
A new style, using a blend of violin and keyboard. Ruth has created these musical reflections to provide a focus that is deeply rooted in the scriptures, and at the same time   . . .
R 220.00   inc VAT Code: 676868214028
By Ruth Fazal
Product Description
A violin CD with readings from the Psalms.
This CD was created as a gift, to bring healing to the hearts of Holocaust survivors. Soak in Gods presence and let him bring healing   . . .