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Hashamayim 1B: The Role of the Sons of God in Structures of
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Hashamayim 1B: The Role of the Sons of God in Structures of

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Journey Into Silence: Transformation Through Contemplation,
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Journey Into Silence: Transformation Through Contemplation,

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Messiah in the Passover
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Messiah in the Passover

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Reading the bible with Rabbi Jesus (h/c)
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Reading the bible with Rabbi Jesus (h/c)

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The King is Coming
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The King is Coming

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The Revelation Generation
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The Revelation Generation

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Author: Dr Robert D Heidler
We live in one of the most exciting days in human history. Jesus is preparing His Bride! The Spirit of God is restoring the covenant roots of His church! The Church   . . .
R 290.00   inc VAT Code: 9780060582739
By Colin Humphreys
This is the detective story of the decade. It reveals the precise locations of Mount Sinai, the Red Sea crossing and the route of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt 3,000 years   . . .
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By Herbert Lockyer
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In this remarkable volume, Dr. Herbert Lockyer examines all the prophecies in Scripture concerning the promised Messiah, his ministry, and his message. From the mundane to the mystifying, you'll get a close   . . .
R 320.00   inc VAT Code: 9780310330004
By Lois Tverberg
Jesus was steeped in the Torah and Middle Eastern culture; this Hebrew heritage influenced all he said, did, and thought. Tverberg enables us to catch sight of and more fully appreciate the first-century   . . .
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Contributor(s): Heschel, Abraham Joshua (Author), Heschel, Susannah (Introduction by)
Elegant, passionate, and filled with the love of God's creation, Abraham Joshua Heschel's The Sabbath has been hailed as a classic of Jewish spirituality ever since its   . . .
R 450.00   inc VAT Code: 9780470485880
By Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Thou shall Prosper Why Jews throughout the ages flourish economically How you can benefit from this Jewish wisdom What "being in business" means, whether you are a professional, a CEO, or flipping   . . .
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By Dr Russ Houck Ph D
Epidemic exposes many of the hidden agendas in the historical formation of both Judaism and Christianity. Infected roots produce infected crops. The Reformation and Messianic Judaism are also examined. Which   . . .
R 430.00   inc VAT Code: 9780764224706
By John Fischer
Fischer writes that Christians are in danger of forgetting the power and passion of the gospel. Fischer explores the centrality of the cross to a Christian's faith for all time as well as   . . .
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By Grant Berry
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Absorbing the Old with the New "The time is coming declares the L-rd, when I will make a New Covenant with the house of   . . .
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By Rabbi Jonathan Bernis
In a Rabbi Looks at the Afterlife, Jonathan Bernis takes you on an unforgettable journey of exploration--examining both the Scriptures and the first-hand accounts of those who have glimpsed at what lies   . . .
R 290.00   inc VAT Code: 9780768424379
By Sid Roth
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Christianity today is very different from the original. To experience the original---the miracles, healings, power, and intimacy with God---we have to examine our Jewish roots. For 2,000 years, there has been a   . . .
R 290.00   inc VAT Code: 9780768425963
By Richard Booker
Contributor Bio: Booker, Richard
Richard Booker is a doctoral student at Rice University working under Dr. Richard Smalley, discoverer of the buckyball. He was lucky enough to get an outstanding education, starting with   . . .
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By Dr Richard Booker
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The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread is one of most profound books on the blood of Christ ever written. Since its original printing, the book has become a worldwide best-selling classic,   . . .
R 290.00   inc VAT Code: 9780768427370
By Dr Richard Booker
Publication Date: February 1, 2008
Weaving the Scarlet Thread From the Feasts of Israel to Jesus! This intriguing and biblically sound book clearly shows the significance of each Feast of the Lordand how   . . .
R 310.00   inc VAT Code: 9780768428315
By Sid Roth & Linda R Josef
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow God heals, delivers, and sets the captive free!
After more than 35 years of investigating miracles, Sid Roth is certain that God wants you to be   . . .
R 310.00   inc VAT Code: 9780768428421
By Sid Roth
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They Thought for Themselves tells the stories 10 people from a Jewish background who came to faith in Jesus as the Messiah. Each of them dared to confront the prophecies of the   . . .
R 290.00   inc VAT Code: 9780768431032
By Sid Roth
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As a young businessman Sid Roth's goal was to be a millionaire before age 30. At age 29, he realized that wasn't going to happen, and he left his wife, family, and   . . .
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Dr. Richard Booker
Discovering the Miracle of the Scarlet thread in Every Book of the Bible is a book that truly takes the mystery and confusion out of the Bible and makes God's word come alive   . . .
R 310.00   inc VAT Code: 9780768437492
By Richard Booker
The Book of Revelation is not a book of doom and gloom but the victory of the Lamb of God and those who follow HimThe Overcomers. In this groundbreaking three-volume series, Dr. Richard   . . .
R 290.00   inc VAT Code: 9780768438000
By Sid Roth & Mike Shreve
You will be inspired by these ten amazing stories from seekers who walked different paths in life yet shared one common passion--love for the truth. They all desired lasting answers.   . . .