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Tap the Anointed Principles: The Journey to Unlock Spiritual
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Tap the Anointed Principles: The Journey to Unlock Spiritual

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Seeing in the Supernatural
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Seeing in the Supernatural

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The business of Honor: Restoring the heart of business
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The business of Honor: Restoring the heart of business

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By Perry Stone
Included in this Manna-Fest offer are 9 NEW DVDs of approximately 16 hours of remarkable Hebraic insights and wisdom regarding the wilderness Tabernacle and the secrets of the Holy Place! Using a life   . . .
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By Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Product Description
For many years, Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin have been on a mission to make ancient Jewish wisdom accessible to all. Going beneath the surface of Scripture, they bring Biblical verses   . . .
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By Rabbi Daniel Lapin
1. Is Money Moral?-- The answer, and its impact, may surprise you.
2. Are You With Me?-- Two Hebrew words for with inspire successful living.
3. Psalms - Opening Act-- What is King   . . .
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By Dr Rick Kurnow
A 45 minute educational program by Dr. Rick Kurnow. This program will teach you things such as: The history of the Shofar, the biblical use of the Shofar, the different sounds of   . . .
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By Dr Rick Kurnow
The Last Supper was actually a Passover Seder. Yeshua (Jesus) gave rich meaning to the different elements of the meal that He shared with His disciples. Dr. Rick Kurnow will take you   . . .
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By Dr Rick Kurnow
DR Rick Kurnow takes you to overlooked passages in God's Word that link the prayer shawl, or "tallit," with the power of God. There's much to learn from this ancient item-it's symbolism   . . .
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By Perry Stone
This is powerful teaching that explains where Sinners will spend Eternity. Five types of chambers are located under the earth. Their entrances are under the seas. Preached on location in Israel, journey with   . . .
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By Perry Stone
2-Hour DVD on one of the greatest mysteries of the Bible. A race of giants once lived on earth, before and after the flood of Noah. Hebrew Scriptures, early church fathers, and Jewish   . . .
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Perry Stone
Science Proves Life and Death are in the Power of the Tongue!
Did you know that sound waves affect all forms of matterboth in living beings and various objects? Both spoken and written words can   . . .
R 300.00   inc VAT Code: DVDPSTONE042
By Perry Stone
There is one chapter in Genesis that interrupts the flow of the story of Joseph: the moral indiscretion of the man Judah. Concealed in this narrative is the revelation of three things that   . . .
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By Bill and Dorothy Ligon
God planned for the good life to be imparted to the children through the spoken blessing.
The Patriarchs expected their blessings to be fulfilled in the lives of their children.   . . .