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Waiting on God
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Waiting on God

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Issuing Divine restraining orders
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Issuing Divine restraining orders

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Accessing the Greater Glory
Code: 9780768452938

Accessing the Greater Glory

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The Oracle (Hardcover)
Code: 9781629996295

The Oracle (Hardcover)

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Your Prophetic Life Map: A Guide to a God-Crafted Life
Code: 9780785224549

Your Prophetic Life Map: A Guide to a God-Crafted Life

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Through The eyes of Love: Encouraging others prophetic
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Through The eyes of Love: Encouraging others prophetic

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By Jill Shannon, forward by Sid Roth
God is never finished with His people, Israel--and God is never finished with you! Israel's Prophetic Destiny reveals:
-The land the people of Israel, their biblical history, present realities,   . . .
R 181.58   inc VAT Code: 9780915540396
By William Varner
Jacob's Dozen is a study of the biblical history and prophecies associated with each of the tribes of Israel. It is based on Jacob's deathbed prophecies concerning each of his twelve sons found   . . .
R 363.16   inc VAT Code: 9781591859918
By R Dean Hubbard
You'll be astonished by Hubbard's breakthrough numbering system that reveals the mystery of current events and outlines the progression of God's work on earth. Follow God's agenda for the Jewish people and   . . .
R 310.01   inc VAT Code: 9781629995861
By Jonathan Bernis
Rapidly unfolding events in the Middle East will shape the future, not just of Israel but of our entire world. This insightful commentary by Rabbi Jonathan Bernis combines historical, biblical, and prophetic teaching   . . .
R 312.72   inc VAT Code: 9781886987050
Contributor(s):Gloria Cavallaro, (Author), Angus Wootten, (Editor), Batya Wootten, (Editor), Crystal Lenhart,(Illustrator)
Deepen your personal relationship with your Bridegroom. Embark on an intimate journey into the heart of our Heavenly Father. Experience a   . . .
R 297.59   inc VAT Code: 9781932458763
By: Rabbi Michael Zeitler
God?'s Supernatural Hand Upon Israel and the United StatesIf you want to understand . . .The integral history of Israel and America all the way back to the beginning, whether God is   . . .
R 292.54   inc VAT Code: 9781935769019
By Steve Maltz
The Jews are a mystery to most, provoking a whole range of questions.
Who are they?
How have they survived for so long?
Why have they been so feared or hated by so many people for   . . .
R 292.54   inc VAT Code: 9781935769026
By Steve Maltz
Much heat has been generated by the subject of Israel and Palestine. It's a subject that will not go away and it is crucial that Christians should have a clear grasp of both   . . .
R 201.75   inc VAT Code: 9781936716401
By Daniel Juster
This book is written to counter a new sort of anti-Semitism
Replacement Theology and to address other destructive,
widespread distortions that cause Christians and Jews to
misunderstand each other. History, stretching back to the
Reformation, reveals a   . . .
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