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New Era Glory: Gods prophetic season of war
Code: 9780768445251

New Era Glory: Gods prophetic season of war

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The Agenda of Angels: What the Holy Ones
Code: 9780768449822

The Agenda of Angels: What the Holy Ones

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Cleansing and Igniting the Prophetic
Code: 9780768446234

Cleansing and Igniting the Prophetic

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Decoding your Dreams
Code: 9780785223535

Decoding your Dreams

R 310.01

Women, Rise up!
Code: 9780800799113

Women, Rise up!

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Raising Giant-Killers: Releasing Your Child's Divine Destiny
Code: 9780800799236

Raising Giant-Killers: Releasing Your Child's Divine Destiny

R 379.99

Hebrew/English Prophetic Lexicon

Hebrew/English Prophetic Lexicon

R 1,200.00

R 160.39   inc VAT Code: 9780310335030
By Ann Spangler
Untie your peace from your circumstances; be free from fear and anxiety; find joy and comfort regardless of what is happening or not happening in your life. How many times have you thought,   . . .
R 292.54   inc VAT Code: 9780781414425
By Roy Godwin
By choosing to bless others rather than chase after your own blessings, God can use you as an agent of grace to bring health, healing, and wholeness to your community.
R 252.19   inc VAT Code: 9780830767007
By James W Goll
* An introduction to the internal and external changes believers can expect when they choose to follow Christ! Practical and accessible, this easy-to-follow guide will help you understand the supernatural aspects of   . . .
R 121.05   inc VAT Code: 9780875089751
By Norman H Grubb
How can I have Christ's power in my life? Until we know how to recognize God's voice, we are unsure of His will, uncertain in our prayers, and ineffective in our Christian   . . .
R 181.58   inc VAT Code: 9780882709840
By Peter Tsukahira
God's Tsunami is about biblical prophecy and how its fulfillment is joining the destinies of Israel and the nations of the world. The shockwaves from this convergence are generating a spiritual tidal wave   . . .
R 60.53   inc VAT Code: 9780883681251
By Rebecca Springer
There is Life After Death."This book began the healing process in my life, and my wife's, after the death of our sixteen-year-old son, David. It gave me an understanding of the involvement of   . . .
R 232.02   inc VAT Code: 9780883683293
By Lester Sumrall
From the Scriptures, Lester Sumrall shows that we can wage war on the devil and that we can win through the power given to us by Jesus Christ!
R 353.07   inc VAT Code: 9780883685846
By Smith Wigglesworth
"God has privileged us in Christ Jesus to live above the ordinary human plane of life. Those who want to be ordinary and live on a lower plane can do so, but as   . . .
R 211.84   inc VAT Code: 9780883685914
By FF Bosworth
Is Healing for Everyone? God is not just "able" to heal, He is willing! The Lord is gracious and compassionate, and He longs to give you all the blessings of redemption, including physical   . . .
R 191.67   inc VAT Code: 9780940232013
By Brother Lawrence
If you wish to know your Lord in a deeper way, your are invited to join the numerous Christians who, over three centuries, have turned to this book in order to begin that   . . .
R 450.00   inc VAT Code: 9781546010098
By Robert Morris h/c
Publisher Marketing:
Reach your financial goals and reduce the stress in your life with this book of biblical principles by the New York Times bestselling author of The Blessed Life.
Who doesn't want to   . . .
R 272.37   inc VAT Code: 9781599793412
By John Loren & Paula Sandford and Lee Bowman
Awaken your spirit to receive from God like never before! Have you become frustrated by your lack of passion, but feel like you don't know how to   . . .
R 191.67   inc VAT Code: 9781603745567
By Herbert Lockyer
World-renowned author Dr. Herbert Lockyer opens
the curtain on the most exciting story of all time
in this fascinating study, providing a glimpse into world
events some that will occur in the future and some that
are   . . .
R 196.71   inc VAT Code: 9781619969094
By Noel Cromhout
"Who would believe it's possible?" This book is a sometimes humorous account of Noel's journey of faith, and of what God in His great grace can do for a highly unlikely person with   . . .
R 292.54   inc VAT Code: 9781621362487
By Perry Stone
As believers we are assigned special God gear for protectionthe spiritual armor that is described by Paul in Ephesians 6. What many people dont know is that the success of this gear is   . . .
R 171.49   inc VAT Code: 9781629110141
by H A Baker
"The author provides accounts of people who described seeing heaven and the New Jerusalem after having visions or being raised from the dead, and he explains how God's miraculous power and   . . .