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Strauss Jeanette

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From the Courtroom of Heaven Prayers & Petitions



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More Information

By Jeanette Strauss
This is the companion book for the book From the Courtroom of Heaven to the Throne of Grace and Mercy.
It contains many example of Prayers and Petitions that a person can read and put a name in the blank space provided. These prayers and petitons pertain to individual cases or trials, spiritually or physically that people might find themselves involved in.
These prayers are in addition to the prayers found in the Courtroom book.
These are Court Ready, Biblical prayers or petitions that you can read word for word. All you need to do is fill in the blank provided with the names of the people who are involved in each particular case as you present it before the Righteous Judge of Heaven and Earth.
The Chapters are as follows. Chap.1 Presenting a Petition. Chap.2 Preparing For Your Court Appointment. Chap.3 A Prayer Of Cleansing. Chap.4 Seeking The Removal of a Generational Bloodline Curse. Chap.5 Marriage Problems Petition. Chap.6 Healing The Brokenhearted. Chap.7 Future Spouse. Chap.8 Healing of Sickness. Chap.9 Deliverance From Addictions. Chap.10 Freedom From Depression. Chap.11 Prosperity In Business. Chap. 12 Finding Your Destiny. Chap. 13 Prayer For the Unsaved and Backslidden. Chap. 14 Repent, Repent, Petiton, Praise.
It is highly recommended that you buy the Courtroom Book along with this one.
Even though it is tempting to purchase this petition book only, the first Court Room book fully explains the protocol and scriptural validation of going into the Courtroom of Heaven and standing before the Judge who is the Creator of Heaven and earth to present your case.
Below in review 1 block is a short exerpt of Chapter 4 as an example for you to read about the removal of the generation bloodline curse.
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