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Jansen Jeff

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The Furious Sound of Glory: Unleashing Heaven on Earth Throu



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by Jeff Jansen
Partner with Heaven to Release the Sound of Breakthrough!
The sound of the roar of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is being released upon this generation. It willchange and restore everything it touches right down to the core structure or subatomic level.Every generation from the beginning of time also contained its own sound.
Once released, the Roar of the Lord shattered the opposition, unfroze the inhabitants ofthe land, and turned hearts of stone into flesh and blood. That sound created breakthrough, which enabled the transformation of the regions in which they lived, revealing the intentionsand purposes of God. Now, in our time, a generation must arise and wake up from its slumber torelease the fresh new sound of heaven.
Jeff Jansen
As you learn to recognize and release the Furious Sound of Glory, you will witness the power ofHeaven break into your life transforming impossible situations, overturning injustice, healingdisease, delivering the oppressed, and creating an atmosphere for personal revival and corporateawakening!
[The Furious Sound of Glory] will surely be used as a textbook for a hungry generation lookingfor instruction on how to shape the course of world history.
Bill Johnson, author of When Heaven Invades Earth
This book will help unleash Heaven on Earth through the Spirit of Revival.
James W. Goll, author of The Seer
...a clarion call for radical revivalists to rise up in this epic transition and take our rightfulplace on earth.
Kris Vallotton, author of School of the Prophets