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Arnold Michael

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The Forgotten Feast and the covenant of Grace



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By Michael Arnold
A Revelation of the prophetic meaning of the Feast of Unleavened Bread was the catalyst that prompted the writing of this book. There have been many books on greace, but not many that anchor it to covenant in a systematic examination of scripture. But which covenant? And in which one are we living?
Old or New?
And what exactly are the terms of the New Covenant, anyway? What, indeed, are the terms of the Old? If, as Deuteronomy 4:13 reveals, they are the Ten Commandments, exactly what is there role in the life of a Christian?
In this book you will discover
*Wy grace is best understood in the context of covenant
* Why it is imperative to `give away grace`
*Why the Feast of Unleavened Bread is so important
*Why holiness and grace go hand in hand
If Perhaps you are a performance-driven Christian, with grace in your head, but not in your heart, or if you wonder about the questions above, then this book is for you.
(I am really excited about this release by local author Michael Arnold) It is well written and well thought out.
Micheal breaks open our understanding of The New Covenant by going back to the beginning of the bible and showing us how important the Feast of Unleaven bread really is in the light of Gods new Commandment to love.
We get a greater understanding of Gods absolute love for us and his plan of grace for our lives.
Being a christian is an exciting journey of getting to know the creator of the Universe as a loving father that forgives our sins and helps us to live in a new covenant relationship with him of grace and more grace. - Karen Mclachlan)