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The Forgotten Feast and the covenant of Grace
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The Forgotten Feast and the covenant of Grace

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Temple Dance CD
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Temple Dance CD

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Mel Gel Study Guide
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Mel Gel Study Guide

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Magnificent Obsession CD

Magnificent Obsession CD

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Letters of Light: a Mystical Journey throug hebrew Alphabet
Code: 9781881400745

Letters of Light: a Mystical Journey throug hebrew Alphabet

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The Order of Melchizedek
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The Order of Melchizedek

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By Nick Vujicic
What Would Your Life be Like if Anything Were Possible?
Born without arms or legs, Nick Vujicic overcame his disabilities to live an independent, rich, fulfilling, and "ridiculously good" life while serving as a   . . .
R 220.00   inc VAT Code: 9780310318194
By Hannah Shah
Hannah Shah is an Imam's daughter. She lived the life of a devout Muslim in a family of Pakistani Muslims in England, but behind the front door, she was a caged butterfly. For   . . .
R 189.00   inc VAT Code: 9780446583220
By Jerry Boykin
General Jerry Boykin is one of the original members of the Delta Force and has spent the majority of his career in Special Forces. His work in this area of the military placed   . . .
R 160.00   inc VAT Code: 9780620477529
By Wendy Brown
A tender record of a life lived under the exigencies of the Rhodesian and Zimbabwe regimes. The author was a farmer's wife who suffered terrorist attacks and land invasions on their extensive agricultural   . . .
R 290.00   inc VAT Code: 9780768403091
By Paul Manwaring
Redefining victory through the eyes of a cancer survivor Author Paul Manwaring was diagnosed with prostate cancer in January 2008. "Kisses from a Good God" recounts his journey from the first diagnosis, through   . . .
R 290.00   inc VAT Code: 9780768403138
By Majed El Shafie
It's time to fight back! This is the true story of one man's continuing fight for a world free of religious persecution. Majed El Shafie was arrested, tortured, and sentenced to die   . . .
R 180.00   inc VAT Code: 9780768438734
By Phillip Mantofa
Warrior for Revival is a riveting account of how the Lord Jesus touched the life of a young
man, Philip Mantofa, delivered him from the depths of violence and depression, and used
him mightily   . . .
R 320.00   inc VAT Code: 9780768442076
By Joshua Blahyi
From being a priest in the kingdom of darkness to an evangelist in the kingdom of lightthis true story will shock and amaze you!
Jesus Christ appeared to Joshua Blahyi as a blinding   . . .
R 270.00   inc VAT Code: 9780800793616
By Heidi Baker
God's love and power are never limited. The most desperate poverty, devastating illness, even the most heart-wrenching grief is not beyond God's help. Rolland and Heidi Baker share the miracles they experience   . . .
R 290.00   inc VAT Code: 9780800794231
By Stan Telchin
Product Description
What happens when a successful Jewish businessman is blindsided by his daughter's Christian conversion? Setting out to debunk the claims of her newfound faith, he's astonished by what he discovers---and faced with   . . .
R 150.00   inc VAT Code: 9780800795238
Author: Surprise Sitole & David Wimbish
Publisher's Description
Astonishing True Story of the Miracles That Are Changing Africa Born into a long line of witch doctors, Surprise ("Surpresa") Sithole was destined for a life of fear, oppression,   . . .
R 210.00   inc VAT Code: 9780800795795
By Samaa Habib
In this thrilling true tale, death does not have the final word. From the first time Samaa heard the Lord Jesus calling her out of Islam into faith in Him, till she met   . . .
R 290.00   inc VAT Code: 9780800797775
By Keener Craig and Medine Moussounga
Gripping True Story of War and Romance, Hope and Miracles
When the odds are impossible, love goes to work. In this thrilling true-life story, readers follow the path of friendship that   . . .
R 250.00   inc VAT Code: 9780825460258
By Stephen Lungu
Stephen Lungu was three when his mother ran away, leaving him and his younger brother and sister in the reluctant care of an aunt. By the age of eleven, Stephen had run away   . . .
R 170.00   inc VAT Code: 9780830837311
By Kay Marshall Strom
Statistics show that the world's most oppressed are overwhelmingly female, with thousands of girls suffering from starvation, abuse, sexual exploitation, displacement and illiteracy every day. Moved by their plight, Kay Marshall Strom   . . .
R 129.00   inc VAT Code: 9780849943362
By Frank Peretti
If you've ever been there, you've never forgotten how it feels. It's being undersized or oversized or less than beautiful. It's knowing you are vulnerable and that someone is ready to take advantage   . . .
R 240.00   inc VAT Code: 9780849964824
By Billy Graham
The man of faith now in his 90s explores the challenges of aging while gleaning foundational truths from Scripture. He invites readers to journey with him as he considers the golden years while   . . .
R 169.00   inc VAT Code: 9780857210548
By Mike Endicott
A call to return to the miraculous healing ministry of the early Church
By any measure Mike Endicott has a remarkable ministry. First, it is regularly blessed with astonishing miracles. Second, he is completely   . . .
R 139.00   inc VAT Code: 9780857211996
By Isaac Liu
His father was an enemy of the state. His mother was told to have an abortion. His teachers mocked him. He didn't meet his father until he was four years old. And his   . . .
R 250.00   inc VAT Code: 9780875081885
By Norman Grubb
In this biography of Rees Howells, whose mastery of intercessory prayer had global consequences, we discover rich truths of the Spirit for all the church today. Norman Grubb tells the story with simplicity,   . . .