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Issuing Divine restraining orders
Code: 9780768445589

Issuing Divine restraining orders

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The Oracle (Hardcover)
Code: 9781629996295

The Oracle (Hardcover)

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Destroying Fear: Strategies to Overthrow the Enemy's Tactics
Code: 9780800799472

Destroying Fear: Strategies to Overthrow the Enemy's Tactics

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Down to Business
Code: 9781911251057

Down to Business

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Supernatural finances
Code: 9780768451351

Supernatural finances

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The power of imagination
Code: 9781680312867

The power of imagination

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Seeing Angels: How to recotgnise and interact
Code: 9781641233194

Seeing Angels: How to recotgnise and interact

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R 900.00   inc VAT Code: 845246000588
By Holy Land Gifts
Acrylic Twelve Tribes White Naftali Size 24
24" long & 72" around the shoulders.
The crown (neck) says "Blessed are You, O Lord our God, King of the Universe, Who has sanctified   . . .
R 700.01   inc VAT Code: 845246000724
By Holy Land Gifts
The Elijah the Prophet, a Holy Land Gifts Original Offering!
Hebrew Words on Crown Say "Behold I am sending you Elijah the Prophet, before the coming of the great and terrible day of   . . .
R 353.07   inc VAT Code: 845246003244
By Holy Land Gifts
Add meaning to times of ceremonial prayer with fringed tallit (prayer shawl) in white with woven bands of blue and gold. The Prayer of Jabez is inscribed in English: Oh, that you   . . .
R 600.00   inc VAT Code: 845246008249
By Holy Land Gifts
Prayer Shawl, Blue 24 in., Acrylic
The crown (neck) says: "Blessed are you O Lord God King of the Universe who has fulfilled all of the Torah through
Yeshua the Messiah and has covered   . . .
R 600.00   inc VAT Code: 845246008256
By Holy land gifts
Prayer Shawl, Purple 24 in., Acrylic
The crown (neck) says: "Blessed are you O Lord God King of the Universe who has fulfilled all of the Torah through
Yeshua the Messiah and has covered   . . .
R 650.00   inc VAT Code: 845246008775
By Holy Land Gifts
This prayer shawl has darker, richer hues of blue, along with four scriptures in the four corners in English instead of Hebrew. These corners now read:
And they desired of Him they they   . . .
R 700.01   inc VAT Code: 845246009215
By Holy Land Gifts
The Queen Esther Acrylic Prayer Shawl (non-Kosher), a Holy Land Gifts Original Offering!
Fit for a Queen
Made of acrylic (we have this in wool, see Item #2232)
The Hebrew words are in gold-- on   . . .
R 4,741.23   inc VAT Code: 9780198643012
Contributor(s): Gesenius, William (Author), Gesenius, H F W (Author), Brown, Francis (Editor), Robinson, Edward (Translator), Driver, Samuel Rolles (With), Briggs, Charles A (With), Driver, S R (With)
Brown/Driver/Briggs is to this day THE   . . .
R 322.81   inc VAT Code: 9780310330004
By Lois Tverberg
Jesus was steeped in the Torah and Middle Eastern culture; this Hebrew heritage influenced all he said, did, and thought. Tverberg enables us to catch sight of and more fully appreciate the first-century   . . .
R 160.39   inc VAT Code: 9780310335030
By Ann Spangler
Untie your peace from your circumstances; be free from fear and anxiety; find joy and comfort regardless of what is happening or not happening in your life. How many times have you thought,   . . .
R 595.18   inc VAT Code: 9780470485880
By Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Thou shall Prosper Why Jews throughout the ages flourish economically How you can benefit from this Jewish wisdom What "being in business" means, whether you are a professional, a CEO, or flipping   . . .
R 297.59   inc VAT Code: 9780615649191
By Dr Russ Houck Ph D
Epidemic exposes many of the hidden agendas in the historical formation of both Judaism and Christianity. Infected roots produce infected crops. The Reformation and Messianic Judaism are also examined. Which   . . .
R 504.39   inc VAT Code: 9780692466889
By Peter Thalhofer
Torah! Torah! Torah! is a primer and a treasure map for truth seekers. Peter writes from the perspective of a man in the congregation, hoping the church will return to both Written and   . . .
R 272.37   inc VAT Code: 9780764228971
By Martha Zimmerman
Experience the New Testament significance of Old Testament feasts. Serving up rich insights into seven Jewish meals, Zimmerman explains the meaning of each repast, lists materials necessary for observance, and provides complete directions   . . .
R 121.05   inc VAT Code: 9780768402940
By Grant Berry
Price was R180.00 now R120.00 on special while stocks last
Absorbing the Old with the New "The time is coming declares the L-rd, when I will make a New Covenant with the house of   . . .
R 292.54   inc VAT Code: 9780768404029
By Rabbi K A Schneider
Everyone deals with fear; not everyone conquers it. Throughout our lives we all experience different kinds of fears. Unfortunately, many of us believe the lie that fear is something we have   . . .
R 292.54   inc VAT Code: 9780768404104
By Rabbi Jonathan Bernis
In a Rabbi Looks at the Afterlife, Jonathan Bernis takes you on an unforgettable journey of exploration--examining both the Scriptures and the first-hand accounts of those who have glimpsed at what lies   . . .
R 332.89   inc VAT Code: 9780768404180
By Adrian Beale
Unlock An Ancient Faith That Will Change Your Life Today!
These are not far-fetched, new age experiences. They are your inheritance as a believer in Jesus Christ!
Get ready to tap into the supernatural realm   . . .
R 252.19   inc VAT Code: 9780768407310
By Randy Clark
Release God's Healing Power In Your Life!
Every Christian has been sent and empowered by Jesus to heal the sick. The problem is that many of us don't know how to practically complete this   . . .
R 277.41   inc VAT Code: 9780768408904
By John Ramirez
Satanist-Turned-Evangelist Gives You the Inside Strategy to Defeat the Devils Plans!
Many people, even Christians, deny the devils power. John Ramirez doesnt have that luxuryhe experienced the prince of darkness up close and personal.
In   . . .