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Hashamayim 1B: The Role of the Sons of God in Structures of
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Hashamayim 1B: The Role of the Sons of God in Structures of

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Journey Into Silence: Transformation Through Contemplation,
Code: 9781629119120

Journey Into Silence: Transformation Through Contemplation,

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Messiah in the Passover
Code: 9780825445378

Messiah in the Passover

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Reading the bible with Rabbi Jesus (h/c)
Code: 9780801017155

Reading the bible with Rabbi Jesus (h/c)

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The King is Coming
Code: 9781946466068

The King is Coming

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The Revelation Generation
Code: 9781943217519

The Revelation Generation

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Do you long to visit the Holy Land? Fly there on wings of song with this celebration of messianic praise, recorded live in the City of David! Paul Wilbur leads "Shouts of Joy," "I   . . .
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By Kari Jobe
Grammy-nominee Kari Jobe is one of Christian musics best-selling female artists and one of the most respected worship leaders in the country. Her last album, Majestic, captured a powerful night of worship in   . . .
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Kevin Knott has a passion for worship and has been leading people into the presence of the Lord through his music, in various contexts, for over 30 years.
Together with his wife, Diane, he   . . .
R 160.00   inc VAT Code: 6006523002532
Kevin Knott has a passion for worship and has been leading people into the presence of the Lord through his music, in various contexts, for over 30 years.
Together with his wife, Diane, he pastors   . . .
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Jacob struggled most of his life to gain worth, ownership and recognition. He stole, he lied, and he wrestled all in a strife-filled attempt to be somebody. He never realized that in striving to be   . . .
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"On the Rim of the Visible World", is a musical documentation of songs, friendship and following Jesus. What could be a better environment for such an endeavor than the living room of Jason's house? Three   . . .
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By Jesus Culture
Product Description
Want to make a difference in the world? Heed God's call as you listen to this transformative collection of some of the most influential songs in today's church, including "We Sing"; "Forevermore";   . . .
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By Jesus Culture
Recorded live at Jesus Culture Church in Sacramento, this latest live album captures the heart of a community seeking after Jesus with a desire to know Him more and to see this passion   . . .
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Jeff Jansen / Music by Steve Swanson
This new CD was designed to bring you into a renewed place of faith by saturating and soaking you with the healing Word of power. The bible says that   . . .
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By Bethel
Bethel Church's 2011 release finds the worship team and community in a renovated rustic loft, performing ten of the group's powerful worship originals in an intimate, acoustic setting. The Loft Sessions features the best   . . .
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By Joann McFatter and Keith and Sanna Luker
This highly anticipated follow up to the wildly popular Cloud By Day CD delivers a powerful and intimate live prophetic worship experience that will thrill your spirit and   . . .
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Live soaking worship from Lakeland Florida
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By Julie True
Julie masterfully weaves together deep, intimate moments of waiting and expectation with powerful worship anthems and spontaneous songs on her newest release, Stir up the Love. True to form of her most popular   . . .
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By Jason Upton
Track Listings
1. One Reason
2. I Will Wait
3. Faith
4. Just Like You
5. Freedom Reigns
6. Come Up Here
7. Gideon - Valley Victory
8. Freedom
9. Glory Came Down
10. 40
11. Not Ashamed
12. Poverty
13. No Sacrifice
R 220.00   inc VAT Code: 670541801963
Open Up The Gates
Sacred Mountain
His Heart Beats For You
My Soul Longs
I Bow My Heart
Pure Song
R 230.00   inc VAT Code: 676868110627
By Ruth Fazal
Solo violin with orchestra for your musical meditation.
Originally scored with spoken voice, FOUNTAIN OF TEARS depicts the drama of The Seven Last Words of Christ in this purely instrumental version for improvised solo   . . .
R 230.00   inc VAT Code: 676868110924
By Ruth Fazal
Composed by Ruth Fazal, Oratorio Terezin is a full length work scored for orchestra, childrens choir, adult choir, and three vocal soloists. Set in the context of the Holocaust, using childrens poetry which   . . .
R 230.00   inc VAT Code: 676868111020
By Ruth Fazal
Volume 4: "For such a Time As This"
The "Songs from the River" series have proved to be extremely popular, and are very suitable for soaking in the Lords presence. For violin solo with   . . .
R 230.00   inc VAT Code: 676868166129
By Ruth Fazal
Ruth Fazal speaks healing scriptures and encouragement to a background of violin instrumental
Do you need healing?
Are you praying for a loved one
to be healed?
Are you wanting to spend some quiet   . . .
R 220.00   inc VAT Code: 676868214028
By Ruth Fazal
Product Description
A violin CD with readings from the Psalms.
This CD was created as a gift, to bring healing to the hearts of Holocaust survivors. Soak in Gods presence and let him bring healing   . . .